Oregano Fusion Tablette

The bold taste of Cococo's fusion tablette in couverture semi-sweet chocolate, infused with natural oregano and sage, then hand-sprinkled with spicy habanero sea salt. Pair Oregano Fusion with strongly flavoured cured and jerked meats, bold cheeses and nuts. The ultimate addition to a charcuterie board to share with friends, or enjoyed as an after-dinner treat. (100g)

Due to the fragile nature of this product, we cannot guarantee that the tablette will arrive in one piece when shipped. We will give it extra wrapping to help protect it. Rest assured that you will enjoy it just as much should it arrive in more than one piece!

  • Our Oregano Fusion Tablette is Gluten Free.
  • Our Oregano Fusion Tablette is Vegan Friendly.
Price: $13.75

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